How to Remove the Label of a Post in Blogger

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If you blog about a lot of different subjects, then labels are handy to logically categorize the blog content, so that readers can choose to view all of your posts on single label at once. Removing the name of a label is the most simple thing in Blogger. In this blog post, we will look at removing the name of a label for the single and multiple posts. 

Remove the Label in Blogger

Let's say you have assigned a label "Blogger Resources" for a post sometime ago and now you want to remove the label of posts. You can't delete the label directly in blogger however it does automatically for you if you remove or unassigned the label for the posts.

Removing the Label of a Single Post In Blogger

Go to your blog dashboard and click on Posts tab from the left sidebar. select the post for which you want to remove the label of a post and check the checkbox corresponding to it.

Remove the label of a Post in Blogger

Then, click label icon and select "Blogger Resources" to remove the label from the post you have selected.

Remove the label of a Post in Blogger

Removing the Label of a Multiple Posts In Blogger

Go to the Posts tab on your blog dashboard and click on the "All Labels" and select "Bloggers Resources" from the drop-down. This will filter the posts, so you will see those with the "Blogger Resources" label.

Filter Label Blogger Resources

Click the specific check boxes beside the posts to select those or click the check box at the top of the list of posts to select all the posts.

Select all Posts with Blogger Resources Label

Then, click the Label icon and select "Blogger Resources" to remove the label "Blogger Resources" from all the posts that are selected.

Remove Blogger Resources Label from the all the Posts

You are done!

Here is a detailed post about how to manage labels in blogger blogs - How to Manage Labels in Blogger

Blog Tips: 

Labels are extremely useful to generate related articles/posts of same label, which in turn improves blog page views and also reduces bounce time on your blog. Click here to know more Blogger Seo Tips

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