How to Label your Post in Blogger

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Labels are a way easily to categorize your blog posts in Blogger and make blog user-friendly. Labeling your post is the most simple thing in Blogger. In this blog, we will look at Labeling your Posts in Blogger.

Label Your Post in Blogger

When you are writing a blog post in Blogger editor, click Labels section in right sidebar and enter the labels you like, separating them with commas as shown below.

Previously used Labels or existing Labels will show up below the Labels section, and you can just click them to add them to the blog post in Blogger as shown below.

When you publish the blog post, the labels will be listed with it. Clicking any one of the labels will show a page containing only posts related to that label in Blogger.

If you blog about a lot of different subjects, then labels are handy to logically categorize the blog content, so that readers can choose to view all of your posts on single label at once. If you have a team of contributors, then you could also give label name as contributor name, so your readers could easily read all the posts by anyone of them.

Here is a detailed post about how to manage labels in blogger blogs - How to Manage Labels in Blogger

Feel free to come up with creative ideas and use it to take your blog to next level.

Note: The following characters cannot be used in labels: & < > @ ! + ,

Blog Tips: 

Labels are extremely useful to generate related articles/posts of same label, which in turn improves blog page views and also reduces bounce time on your blog.

Let me know your creative use of labels in your post to logically categorize the blog posts in Blogger.