How to Create, Change and Delete Labels in Blogger

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Labels are the easy way to maintain a logical category structure on a blog and it is extremely useful to keep blog organized and user-friendly. A category navigation makes it easy for users to find your blog posts, and also facilitate them to discover similar titles on your blog. In Blogger, managing labels is quite simple. In this post, we will look at how to add, edit or remove labels in Blogger.

Manage Labels in Blogger

How To Manage Labels In Blogger?

Create a Label

New Label creation is the quite simple in Blogger. While writing a new blog post in blogger editor, you can create/add a label by typing label name into labels section in right sidebar. You can also select existing label by typing first character of it and then select label from existing list.

Create a Label in Blogger

If you wants to Create a New Label for Single or Multiple posts which were written previously, then go to Blog Dashboard and click on Post Section from Left Sidebar/panel.And select Single or Multiple posts for which you want to add a new label and then, click "New Label" from Top section as shown in the below screenshot below

Add New Label in Blogger

After clicking you will be asked to enter the name of a label, write it and then click "ok". A new label will be assigned to posts you selected.

Enter the new Label and Click Ok
Enter the new Label and click Ok

Editing a Label

Unfortunately, there is no way to Edit Label in Blogger however you can change certain label for single or Multiple post by removing the existing label and adding New Label for that post as shown in screenshot.

Change Label in Blogger
Change Label for blog posts in Blogger

Deleting a Label

In Blogger, unused or unassigned labels will get deleted. So, if a label is not assigned to any post, it will be removed automatically by Blogger.

Note: Be careful while adding or removing a label for multiple posts.

Blog Tips

Labels are extremely useful to generate related articles/posts of same labels in blog, which in-turn improves bounce rate by increasing page views in blog.

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