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What is Domain Name?

Domain Search Terms : Domain Name, Domain, Domains, Website Name, IP address, Internet Protocol address. What is Domain Name? Domain name is an alphabetical label/host names that identify an IP Address ( Internet Protocol Address ) resources such as website(s) and domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain names are simply referred as domains. What is IP Address? An IP Address ( Internet Protocol Address ) is a numerical label given to each device/computer/printer/machine participating in a network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. For Example: where x is a number ranges from zero to nine (0-9). Purpose of Domain Names: An important purpose of domain names is to provide easily recognizable and memorizable names to numerically addressed Internet resources. For Example: Details of Host Name : Ip Address : 2

Top Domain Name Registrars In The World

Hi Bloggers, Welcome to Bloggershangout !!! Here is a list of top domain registrars in the world in 2011. This list is highly dynamic because every day/month/year domain registrars statistics may change their position due to the new sales of domain names and deletion of domain names from the registrar in the market. GODADDY.COM, INC. DOMAINMONSTER INC ENOM, INC. DIRECTI INTERNET SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. D/B 1 & 1 Internet AG FASTDOMAIN, INC. WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC. REGISTER.COM, INC. NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. ABOVE.COM PTY LTD. Please let me know your list of best domain registrars in the world.  Don't hesitate to comment on blog.