How To Change Blog Template In Blogger

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Blogger Tutorials: This post explains how to change Blogger Template or Blogger Theme or Blogspot Template

How To Change Blogger Template
How To Change Blogger Template

Stepwise Blogger Tutorial for Changing Blogger Template:

Step 1: Sign in to your Blogger account.

Step 2: Choose the blog for which you want to change Blogger/Blogspot Template from dashboard.

Step 3: Go to Design > Edit HTML

Caution : Download full template before changing Blogger Template/Blogger Theme/blogspot Template on your hard drive and upload new template.

Step 4: Search professional blogger Templates / Best blogger templates on Google and pick as many as you want.

Step 5: Pick a professional blogger template / premium blogger template and upload to blogger.

Step 6: If you already have some widgets on your blog then blogger will prompt a message to save or delete widgets. Just save widgets.

Step 7: Preview your blog.

That's it!

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