Google PageRank: How to Check PageRank

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This post explains about how to check PageRank or how to find PageRank

If you don't know about Google PageRankTM then refer to my previous post (PageRank) and come back to this post to read further. There are many free tools which provide page rank for website/blogs using google page rank algorithm. prchecker is a free tool to check rank of the page which is available on WWW.

Click the link prchecker and do as shown in screenshot.

PageRank Checker
Check PageRank

Enter URL in the textbox and click check PR button

It will open a new page which is similar to above screenshot except captcha. Just retype the captcha in provided field and hit the verify now button as shown in figure.

Google PageRank Checker
Google PageRank

Just copy the captcha with tick mark and paste it into the provided field and then hit verify now button. It gives current Google PageRank as shown in screenshot below.

PageRank Of Google
PageRank For Google

That's It!

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  1. Don't get it- one site that gets 100 hits per day has a page rank of 2 whilst another that gets 5 or 6 (all from me) also gets 2. Ranked in terms of what?

  2. Hi keir, page rank doesn't depend only on hits per day. It takes number of links to your page into consideration while calculating the page rank.


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