How to Find RSS Feed URL or Atom Feed URL For Blogger Blog

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In this Blogger tutoiral, we will look at how to find RSS Feed URL or Atome Feed URL for Blogger Blog.

How to Find RSS Feed URL (Atom Feed URL) on Blog?

In Firefox Web Browser:

Rss Logo
RSS Logo
Step1: Sign into your Blogger account.

Step2: In Blogger dashboard, go to manage blogs and choose the blog for which you want to find RSS Feed URL or Atom Feed URL.

Select Design From Choosed Blog
Select Design for Choosed Blog

Step 3: Select Design > Edit Layout > Click Preview

Blog Preview
Blog Preview

Your blog opens in new tab and you can observe feed symbol on firefox web browser at extreme right of address bar. Click RSS logo and then you can observe  two lines as shown in figure.

Rss In Firefox
Rss in Firefox
Then click the link where tick is marked and observe the screenshot provided below.

RSS Feed URL In Firefox
Rss Feed URL In FireFox
Select and Copy the URL which is called RSS Feed URL  and repeat same for the Atom Feed URL from above screenshot.
That's it.

If you have any doubts about how to find RSS Feed URL or Atom Feed URL on Blogger Blog, please don't hesitate to comment.