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Is Your Transcend Product Orginal or a Counterfeit | Transcend Product Verification | Verify the Authenticity of Transcend Product

This post explains how to verify the authenticity of Transcend product or to find out Transcend product is original or a counterfeit while buying:

Last week my friend had bought a 32Gb Transcend (USB Flash Drive) pendrive for 350 Rs/- from a stranger who came to his office. After some time they connected pendrive to PC and started to transfer data from PC to pendrive and they observed that it is taking too much time to transfer data. After some time he made a call to me and explained the problem, then i started to search for the appropriate information in google about Transcend products and i found that his transcend pendrive was a counterfeit (not original) as shown below.

How to find out any transcend product is original or a counterfeit while buying from shop or stranger:

Step 1: Go to Transcendusa website and move to the bottom of that webpage and then click product verification link and it renders product verification webpage. See the screenshot present below.

How to Verify Transcedn Products
How to Verify Transcend Products

Step 2: Go to product verification system part and fill the form as shown below.
 Product Verification System
Product Verification System

For example I take JetFlash V15 USB Flash Drive (ie pendrive)

  • Input your product P/N or ID code (For example TS4GJFV15 ) which is present on the backside of box and it is above the barcode or click the link beside textboxto know your P/N.
  • Input your product serial number which is after S/N and it is also present on the backside of the box and  in between the  barcode and  P/N or ID code or click the link beside textbox to know your S/N. 
         For product P/N and S/N see the screenshot present below.

 Product Number & Serial Number
Product Number & Serial Number
  • Input E-mail Id and if you don't want to receive exclusive information and special offers from Transend then uncheck the checkbox.
  • Input your nationality.
  • Input your Language as English or any other language you know. 

Step 3: Click submit button and wait for result. After processing is completed, you can see details below the verified Result if your product is original.

That's it.

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If you have any doubts please comment.


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