How to Download Videos from Youtube

This post explains how to download videos from youtube:

In last few years we had seen so many softwares came up for downloading videos from websites like youtube, google, daily motion,metacafe, veoh, megavideos, vimeo and etc. Real player has a great feature called one-click video download from any website mention above. Enjoy downloading your favourite videos from any website by just one-click video download. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to website and download Real Player.

Download Real Player Software
Download Real Player Software

Step 2: Install real player on you PC.

For Example :

Step 3: Go to website.

Step 4: Choose your favourite video on youtube  and click it. It renders actual video on webpage and then you move your cursor to video player and you can observe a download this video button to the top right corner of video player like shown below.

Downloading video from youtube
One-Click Download From Youtube

Step 5: Click download button and wait untill it downloads.

Step 6: Go to real player library to view that video.

That's it! You successfully downloaded your favourite video from youtube.

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