How to Add Stats Widget to Blogger Blog

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In this Blogger Tutorial, we will look at adding Blog's Stats to Blogger Blog recently released a new feature " Blog's Stats or Stats Widget". It displays number of page views which is known as Blog's Stats. It helps your blog visitors to know the Blog's Stats by which they come to know Blog's popularity.


Increase in page views and
Increase in repeated visitors

Adding popular posts widget in blog:

Step 1: Sign into your Blogger account.(Above feature is available in

Step 2: Choose the blog for which you want to add stats widget from the dashboard.

Step 3: Go to Design>Page Elements( or Click Page Elements in Edit Layout) and then add a gadget where ever you like it to be(Example : Right sidebar).

Add a Gadget in Right Sidebar
Add a Gadget

Step 4: After clicking on add a gadget you will be taken to Add a Gadget page and then choose Blog's stats from basics.

Popular Posts Widget
Basic Gadgets

Step 5: After clicking plus symbol you will be taken to Configure Stats page where you have an opportunity to change the fields like Title, Time period, Style and Style optios.

Configure Stats Widget
Configure Stats Widget
After changing the fields just click save.

Step 6: Save Edit Layout.

Blog's Stats
Total Pageviews Gadget

That's it! You successfully added Stats widget in Blog

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