How to Add Google Translator Widget to Blogger

This post explains how to add google's website translator to Blogger blog

Google Website TranslatorGoogle Translate is a tool which is used to translate the webpage (website or blog) from one language to another. It is great tool which offer instant access to automatic translation of the webpages. You can translate over 58 languages and more languages are yet to be added. By adding Google Translator your visitors can easily read webpages or blogs in their mother tongue. It had become popular tool for translating the webpages. So that your website or blog can reach more countries.

Adding Google Website Translator to Blog or Website:

Step 1: Sign into yours Bloggers account.

Step 2: Choose the blog from the dashboard of blogger to add google website translator.

Step 3: Go to Design>Edit Html> Edit Template and then check the expand widget template.

Step 4: Find </body> in the code

            If you are using Google Chrome then press F3 and search for </body> in the code.
            If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer then press Ctrl + F and find </body> in the code.

Step 5: Go to Google translate website and select the language of your webpage or blog and then click "show optional settings". Now you can view three options

  1.  Translation languages-( Select all languages or specific languages)
  2.  Display mode and -( Select inline, tabbed or automatic and then select vertical or horizontal or dropdown only )
  3. Advanced-(Check whichever option you like). 
Step 6: Copy and paste this snippet of code into your blog or webpage above </body> in Edit template.

Step 7: Save the template by clicking save template button in Edit template.

That's it! You successfully completed adding Google's  translator to blog.

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  1. actually google machine translation is not perfect. there are lots of
    funny examples. Just see how it translates into Russian the famous city
    "Moscow"!!! I think if you are serious about your blog or web-site,
    you should use professional translation services.


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