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Tayor Norrish came up with the idea  Printfriendly. Later he found a developer who can write the algorithm for parse and tag relavent content in HTML pages. It makes any webpage print friendly by just entering a URL in textbox and click print preview. It generates print preview where it has options for print, create PDF for printing and email, tweet for sharing the content throughout the world and it also has undo and remove images option. It saves paper which in turn saves trees and also saves ink in their own word

"PrintFriendly makes printing on the web better. You'll save paper and int, plus get great looking documents".

How it works

Their algorithm prints clean by removing navigation, ads and all the junk.
They use best practices in print Typography to format your document for great readibility.
Customization is possible where you can remove images, junk paragraphs and get PDf files.


  • It provides exact print preview, greating looking pages without any effort or any techinical experience, cool print tools like remove images or content and get PDF for website or blog.
  • Get Free PrintFriendly button for your website or blog which is better than creating css for print . It will be a great option for you and your readers.

Why might be a killer

It is a web application which makes website or blog print friendly and provides great features without costing single penny.

Print Friendly

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