How To Add A Site And Verify Blog or Website in Google Webmaster Tools

Bloggers hangout presents a simple way to add your site to google and verify blog or website in Google webmaster Tools. By doing this your site will be visible in the google search engine.

How To Add A Site And Verify Blog or Website:

Step 1: Sign into your blogger account and move extreme down to "Tools and Resources" and click webmaster tools link.

Step 2: Click Add a site button

Add a site

 and add your site as

Step 3: You can see add or remove owners under verification to extreme right. Click add or remove owners link and you will be taken to verification details page.

Step 4: Click  verify using a different method link and you will be taken to verify ownership page. You can see four different ways to verify and they are

Verification Details

Step 5: Select Add a meta tag to your site's home page.

verify ownership

After that you can see the instructions given below. You must copy  meta tag in rectangular box  and paste it into your site's or blog's home page. It must go into the head tag section.

Step 6: Save the template and come back to verify ownership page and then click verify button.


Thats it! You have successfully completed adding a site to google and verifying ownership.

If you have any doubt about adding a site and verification don't hesitate to comment.