How to Add Related Posts with Thumbnails in Blogger(blogspot) blog

This post explains "Adding Related Posts with Thumbnails in Blog"

What is the use of adding related posts with thumbnails in blog?
It will not let your past posts go to waste.
It increases pageviews.
It  keep readers engaged.
It makes blogs or websites look professional.
Its design is simple and unobtrusive.
The widget is  free and the good thing about this widget is ad-free.
Last but not least, it is easy to install.

How to add related posts with thumbnails:

Step 1: Sign into your Blogger account.

Step 2: Select Design>Page Elements and leave it

Step 3: Click the link  LinkWithin and fill form and click get widget

Linkwithin screenshot
Linkwithin website

and then it will take you to a page where install widget link is present and some steps to implement in your blog. Click the install widget link and follow the steps given in that page.

Step 4: Change title to "You may also like these posts" or you may change according to your wish.

Step 5: Save the Page Elements.

It looks like this

Related Posts with Thumbnails Widget
Related Posts with Thumbnails Widget
That's it! You successfully added related posts with thumbnails widget.

If you have any doubts about "How to add Related posts with thumbnails in blogger", please don't hesitate to comment.