How to add Favicon to Blogger(blogspot) Blog

How to add Favicon to Blog
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What is favicon?
A favicon is a short form for favorites icon. It is also known as shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon or bookmark icon. It is a small icon or image displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser and also displayed at the beginning of the title on the tab of the browser.

Advantages: Favicon makes it easy to find blogs/websites/webpages when someone bookmarked your blog/website/webpage among several blogs/websites/webpages.And also It also makes your blog/website look professional

Adding a favicon to the blogger blog:

Step 1: Sign into your Blogger account.

Step 2: Select the blog for which you want to add favicon from the dashboard.

Step 3: Select Design>Edit HTML>Edit Template and then search for this line


Step 4: Add below tag  just after the above line

<link href='your image url' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

This format is supported by all popular browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firfox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Step 5: Save the template.

After adding Favicon to blog :

 Favicon is displayed in address bar and tab in Mozilla Firefox

 Favicon in Mozilla Firefox
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In Google Chrome, Favicon is displayed in tab 

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That's it! You successfully added favicon to Blogger(blogspot) blog.

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