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Adding Meta Tags To Blogger(Blogspot)

Meta Tags: Meta Tags are tags which describes the content on the web page or website or blog. Three improtant meta tags are
  1. Descrition
  2. Keyword
  3. Author
Search engines uses this information for indexing the website or web page or blog.

Bloggers hangout presents a simple way to add meta tags to blogger( blogspot) blog. Adding meta tags to blogger blog is the first step in seo( Search Engine Optimization) .By adding meta tags to blogger blog search engines will index your site or blog . It is the simple way to get traffic from search engines like google, yahoo and bing.

Example: The result shown by google search engine when bloggershangout is typed in google search.

Google Search Result of bloggers hangout

How To Add Meta Tags in Blogger blog:

Step 1: Sign into your blogger account and choose the blog from the dashboard.

Step 2: Select Design and then select Edit Html.

Step 3: Copy these 3 meta tags and add as shown in step 4.

<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/> <meta content='AUTHOR NAME HERE' name='author'/>
Step 4: Go to edit template and add meta tags below this line.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Then it will look like this

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/> <meta content='AUTHOR NAME HERE' name='author'/>
Step 5: Now remove DESCRIPTION HERE, KEYWORDS HERE, AUTHOR NAME HERE and add your own website or blog description, keywords and author name.
Caution: Please don't stuff keywords in your website or blog description because it will have adverse affect on search engine.
Thats it! You have successfully added meta tags to blogger(blogspot) blog.
If you have any doubts about this post don't hesitate to comment.


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