Best Website screenshot or Thumbnail Generator Online

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Screenshot Generator Online
Website Screenshot or Thumbnail Generator Online

Online Website Screenshot generator is an awesome free tool provided by Page2Images website that generates website screenshot or thumbnail online. Page2Image website is a treasure box of tools like Screenshot Generator, Batch URL to Image, Mobile Ok Checker, HTML to Image, Mobile Emulator, and Batch Mobile Checker.

It allows you to easily generate website screenshot or thumbnail, snapshot website by just providing URL of a website. It allows you to select a device and screenshot size.

Device and their screenshot size:

PC: XLarge(1024x640), Large(640x400), Middle(320x300) and Small(160x100)

Tablet: XLarge(768x1024), Large(640x400), Middle(400x320) and Small(340x200)

Mobile:  Large(320x480)and Small(160x240).

Screenshot Generator Advanced Settings:

It also lets you have the advanced settings like delay time, force refresh and full page length.

In advanced settings, you can adjust delay time from 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 seconds as per website load time to get perfect website screenshot and also full page length website snapshot.

Signup for the free account with Page2Images to get 3000/month web screenshots or thumbnails, website snapshots and it also resets every month end.

Link: Website Screenshot Generator Online

BloggersHangout recommends Screenshot Generator by Page2Images.

Do share your best website screenshot or thumbnail generator online that you use for blogging in the comments section.

Youtube Thumbnail Generator Online


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Today, I'm launching my first web application Youtube Thumbnail Generator.  It is No.1 video thumbnail generator service which facilitates users to quickly grab youtube video thumbnails from videos. This web application is mostly useful for the users who wants especially youtube video thumbnails. Users would be any one like movie blog authors, movie bloggers, video song bloggers and many more...

click youtube thumbnail generator to try it out.

Youtube video Thumbnail Generator

What is Youtube Thumbnail Generator?

Youtube Thumbnail Generator is No. 1 thumbnail generator service which grabs and displays youtube generated thumbnails from videos. It is Simple, Fast, Free and Supports eight types of Youtube URL's.

4 Reasons to Love Youtube Video Thumbnail Generator

 Simple                :  It is a Simple online tool to grab youtube video thumbnails
 Fast                    :  It generates video thumbnails in fraction of a second. So, no need to spend more time
 Free                    :  It is absolutely free to get youtube video thumbnails 
 Supports URL's : It supports 8 types of youtube URL's where no other web application online is providing. Below are the 8 types of supported URL's

    Type 1:
    Type 2:
    Type 3:
    Type 4:
    Type 5:
    Type 6:
    Type 7:
    Type 8:

To know more visit Youtube Thumbnail Generator

How to Use Youtube Thumbnail Generator

Just provide Youtube Video URL you wish to have video thumbnails (Please check above for the supported types of Youtube Video URL's) in box and click Generate button to display youtube video thumbnails of the video.

You can download youtube video thumbnails by just clicking right mouse button and click save image command.

If you like this web application then, please share it with others.

Don't hesitate to comment. Please feel free to give suggestions and feedback. I am always ready to improve the youtubethumbnailgenerator service.

Awesome Blogger Templates for a Blog


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I love discovering latest Blogger Templates, trendy blog theme designers and their portfolios over the internet that has awesome features like Adsense Ready, Seo Optimised, Responsive and built with HTML5 and CSS3. I can absolutely say that it helped me to redesign my blog theme with simple and trendy look. So, I thought to share my collection of Blogger blog Templates websites with readers and help them to make their blogs looks awesome.

Awesome collection of Blogger Theme Designers Wesbites

Here is a collection of websites where you can find best blogger templates for free.

Blogtipsntricks : It has a simple collection of adsense ready, seo optimized and responsive blogger templates which are simply superb for bloggers to start their awesome blogs. All the blog templates available on this blog are free. 

Blogger templates from Blogtipsntricks

Themexpose : It has a collection of high quality premium blogger templates for free. You can also buy the licensed blog template version for $ 5 which is minimum price in the blogger blogspot template marketplace.

Premium Blogger Templates-Themexpose

Templateism : It has an awesome collection of free professional blog templates which are of high quality. It contains 4 categories of blogger templates - Multimedia, Technology, Magazine and Gallery. 
It also has store for premium blogger templates where you can buy high quality blogger themes at affordable prices.

Professional Blogger Templates - Templeteism

Here is the link for Template store

Soratemplates : It has a great collection of free premium blog templates and also Ultra high quality of premium blogger themes. It has various categories of blogger blogspot templates.

It also has store for Ultra premium blogger templates where you can get one or all best blogger templates. You can buy from the above link to get licensed blogger template version for $ 6 which is affordable price in marketplace.

I will Keep updating this collection as I discover best blogger templates and awesome designers with their trendy blogger themes. So keep visiting this Blogger Templates page for latest updates on the Blogger Theme trends.

Let me know your awesome collection of blogger template designers websites and their trendy blogger blogspot templates.

How to Change the Name of a Label In Blogger

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If you blog about a lot of different subjects, then labels are handy to logically categorize the blog content, so that readers can choose to view all of your posts on single label at once. In Blogger, changing the name of a label is quite simple. In this Blogger Tutorial , we will look at changing the name of a label for single and multiple post.

Change the Name of a Label in Blogger

Let's say you have assigned a label Blogger Resources for a post sometime ago and now you want to change the name of a label to be more specific one i.e., Blogger Tutorials instead of Blogger Resources which is general. There is no way to edit the name of a label directly in blogger however there is a simple workaround to accomplish the task.

Changing the Name of a Label for Single Post in Blogger

Go to your blog dashboard and click on Posts tab from the left sidebar. select the post for which you want to change the label of a post and check the checkbox corresponding to it. Then, click label icon and select "Blogger Resources" to remove the label from the post you have selected.

Remove Blogger Resources Label Name for a Post in Blogger

while the post is still selected, click the Label icon again and select "New Label".

Select New Label in labels dropdown

Then, type in "Blogger tutorials"

Add New Lable Blogger Tutorials for a Post in Blogger


Changing the Name of a Label for Multiple Posts in Blogger

Go to the Posts tab on your blog dashboard and click on the "All Labels" and select "Bloggers Resources" from the drop-down. This will filter the posts, so you will see those with the "Blogger Resources" label.

Remove Blogger Resources Label Name for a Post in Blogger

Click the specific check boxes beside the posts to select those or click the check box at the top of the list of posts to select all the posts.

Select all posts using checkbox at top

Then, click the Label icon and select "Blogger Resources" to remove the label "Blogger Resources" from all the posts that are selected.

Click New Label from dropdown

while the post are still selected, click the Label icon again and select "Add New Label". Then, type in "Blogger tutorials"

Add New Label Blogger Tutorials for Posts in Blogger

You are done! Now, the post that used to have the label blogger resources have the label blogger tutorials.

Here is a detailed post about how to manage labels in blogger blogs - How to Manage Labels in Blogger

Blog Tips: 

Labels are extremely useful to generate related articles/posts of same label, which in turn improves blog page views and also reduces bounce time on your blog.

Got any Questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section below